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Cornhole Board Training Top

Our Training Top is a great addition to your training routine. The top is designed to increase your points per round, throw accuracy, and develop your ability to set up blockers. 

This page will cover different training drills you can use with our top to increase your cornhole game.

Training Top Features

Our top uses several design features based on modern research to make you a better player. There is a section that shows the blocker levels. The dots along the edges help with throw accuracy by providing reference points outside the typical throwing lane. We also use optical illusions to make the board appear narrow and the hole larger. 

Blockers Training

The middle section of the board below the hole shows the six levels of blockers. We have provided these lines for you to practice how to hit each level of blocker, and the ability to identify their locations while playing.

Board Accuracy Training

This section focuses on hitting a variety of locations on the board. If you can hit the dots at will, you will be able to hit the hole.

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