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Perceived Speed

The speed values manufacturers list for their bags are determined by any number of people throwing some bags in a warehouse and then ranking them against one another, or some other method that no one can reproduce. This makes all of those speed values subjective, specific to that manufacturer, and impossible to compare different manufacturers' bags to one another.

Here at Six By Six Cornhole Bag Data, we measure the coefficient of friction of the fabrics on each bag. They are measured at 50% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows us to create an apples-to-apples, standardized, Force Value for every bag and allows you to compare each bag directly to one another.

  Perceived Speed is what we see when a bag slides along a surface or board. It can also be thought of as the distance it takes a bag to stop on a surface. Many variables influence our perceived speed. Some of these variables are temperature, humidity, wind, board finish, the friction of the fabric, and the angle of impact/release.

Our Force Values were created after analyzing over 200 different fabrics' coefficient of friction and ranges from 1 to 10. Any value that is closer to 1 requires less force to move across a surface. This means it will take a greater distance to stop or is faster. Values closer to 10 require more force to move across a surface, take a greater distance to stop, or are slower.

We can infer values from 1 to 10 based on the Angle of Impact/Release as well. If the bag is released with a shallow angle, the value is close to 10 and will be faster. Bags that are released with a high angle will have a value closer to 10 and be slower.

Using the Force Value and the Angle of Impact/Release, we can calculate an accurate and simple Perceived Speed. Using:

(11 - Force Value) x Angle of Impact/Release = Perceived Speed

This equation gives us a value from 1 to 100 for a Perceived Speed.

(See table below for a quick reference)

Factors Influencing Perceived Speed

Of all possible variables that influence Perceived Speed, the Force Value and Angle of Impact/Release have the largest impact. We're not saying that the other variables do not affect each bag's perceived speed. They do not have as large of an impact.

In addition, the only variables we can control are the Force Value and Angle of Impact/Release. Bringing different bags to play with allows us to modify our Force Value. Simply changing how high or low we throw allows us to change the Angle of Impact or Release of the bag.

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