Get Your Bags Tested
Six By Six is accepting bags for testing. Testing may take 4-6 weeks to be completed and data to be posted to the site.
Testing Fees and Data Sheets
There is currently no fee for testing (click here to leave us a tip), but fees may apply for data usage after testing, including the option to purchase a Six By Six branded data sheet showing your bags compared side by side. Here's an example.
Other data purchase options include:
  • Six by Six branded tables of data to be used on your website

  • Click through links from our site to yours so buyers can make quick purchases

  • Permission to use data from our site on your site

Send us a message at to discuss options.
Getting Us Your Bags
Ship your bags to us at:
Six By Six Bags
Attn: JD Welch
1342 F Street
Independence, Oregon 97351
You cover the cost of shipping to us. If you want your bags returned (see below), we will pay for the return shipping. 
Let Us Keep Your Bags. We'll Pay it Forward. 
If you let us keep your bags, we will donate them to a good cause for their fundraising purposes. We will NEVER re-sell bags given to us at no charge. 
General Inquiries
Talking about our science is our number one game. We'd love to get your feedback or answer your questions. Unfortunately, Six by Six isn't our day job. We will get in touch as soon as we are able. 

Thanks for submitting!