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Community Support

The cornhole community does some amazing things for non-profit organizations, community initiatives, and people down on their luck.

Six By Six is proud to support these efforts by donating bags that were sent to us for testing at no cost to us. 

To request a set of bags for your fundraiser or community project, drop us a line on the contact page. Be sure to include the details of the fundraiser or project, who will benefit, and why it is important. 

Please contact us at least four weeks prior to when you need the bag. Six By Six will cover shipping to you. Due to limited supply, we may not be able to fulfill every request for bags. 

So far, we have been proud to support:

  • Shangri-La's Capital City Cornhole Classic to help fund programs for individuals with developmental disabilities or complex mental illness 

  • Airmails for Airmen Military Cornhole Benefit which raises funds to send bags and boards to military bases 

  • St. Francois County BackStoppers Fundraiser for families of police officers, firefighters, and publicly-funded EMTs who have lost their lives

  • Haynes Northwest Academy to start a youth cornhole program

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