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About Six By Six 

Founder JD Welch combined his love of the game with his brain for science and created Six By Six, an independent online reference site for the sport of cornhole. 

An alternative to the vague, unstandardized bag descriptions available on most cornhole bag sites, Six by Six aims to help players make the right buying decision for their style of play and bag preferences.


Using standardized measurements and following American Cornhole League (ACL) and American Cornhole Organization (ACO) standard bag requirements, Six by Six offers a comparison of bags where all characteristics are measured equally using a standardized scientific approach.

In addition, we provide close-up photos of each bag's slick and stick fabrics, seam closure, corner, and thickness alongside the manufacturer's fabric description. See each bag's individual data page for this information.


Ethics Policy  

Six By Six is an independent site and has no direct association with any of the manufacturers or companies represented on this site.

We don’t accept payment from manufacturers to promote their bags, and our opinion and analysis are the product of objective measurements.


Cornhole is an emerging sport with increasing exposure. Six By Six aims to help you choose the right bag for your style of play and preferences by providing standardized information for as many cornhole bag series as possible. As such, we will not provide our opinion on what series is better than another.

You can expect us to cover the world of cornhole in an informed manner, without bias or compromised ethics. 

Our Promise to You

  • We will keep our excitement for the game at the forefront of our work. 

  • We will always conduct ourselves professionally and with integrity.

  • We will provide you with quality research to help you more confidently make your next purchase. 

  • We will keep the science lingo to a minimum and present the data to you in the easiest-to-understand way possible. 

Funding Our Research

In the event that we receive bags from manufacturers requesting to be part of our research, we will not sell them. Instead, we will give them away in a random drawing or to a worthy cause. If you'd like to support our research, drop us a line or help fund the purchase of more bags. 


Use of Data or Information 

Six by Six does not authorize the use of or reference of any data or information presented on this website without written consent.


Submit your request for permissions by email to with the subject line "Request for Use of Data". Fees may apply.

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